black lace bodysuit with belted trousers

It is undeniable that bodysuits are unbelievably sexy. However, if you’ve never worn one before, you may be stumped on which one is best for you. And I am no exception. In fact, I have been thinking about wearing one for a while now but just couldn’t pick one.

But I recently finally found the right one and this may very well be the beginning of a long affair with bodysuits. Needless to say, this black lace bodysuit is a thing of beauty.

It is all things edgy and sends off some serious chic boss vibes. Interestingly, it goes with a variety of bottoms. This gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with different textures and see how they go together.

Of all the mixed textures I tried out, this lace bodysuit and crisp clean pants combo was the best one. While the high waisted trousers exuded an irresistible professionalism, the lace sleeveless bodysuit gives the outfit a whimsical feminine touch. It’s the perfect combination of fun on the top and responsible at the bottom.

And if you’re looking for a more evening look, the removable straps on the bodysuit make it easy for you to convert it into a cute outfit for a night out with friends. And you know what? The padded cups offer all the support you need to get through the night without a wardrobe malfunction. Pretty neat, huh?

What can I say? This belted trousers and lace top look is quite versatile and solid. As such, I didn’t feel it needed much accessorizing. All I paired it with is a pair of black pumps and a cute black bag. This adds to the edginess of the outfit without distracting from it.

Coupled with my laid down hair, this outfit is a good option for any day out, irrespective of where it might lead! Interested in more edgy looks? Check them out HERE.

black lace boysuit
black lace bodysuit chanel medium
all black look with bodysuit and trousers

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