Noli Yoga Review Alyssa Smirnov

When Quarentine from the Coronavirus first started, naturally I was wearing more casual clothes and not really shopping online for clothes at all anymore. There really wasnt any reason to dress more than casual anymore. After a few day I really started to notice how it affects my mood and even though it’s just casual clothes, styling it and making it look put together is something I love to do and it helps me be more productive during the day. I was browsing online and I discovered this brand called Noli Yoga. They were promoting a sale for cute workout clothes so I just decided to try it out because I really liked the color of this set. If you guys didn’t notice yet, this is one of my favorite colors to wear. I bought this set myself and even though it was on sale it is still a bit pricy, so that is one downside to this company. I purchased this item on my own and have no obligation to the company or to write a Noli Yoga Review but I couldn’t find much on this brand when I was looking so I thought it could be helpful for some. I really do like this set and the material that it is made out of. It’s like a thinner, slick, sporty material. They only come in one length and it is 7/8th. It’s not super unique because it is the same exact as the All Access Center Stage leggings and the Bra is also the exact same as the All Access Front Row Bra. I own the set from both companies and the fit is the same too. The bra is a bit basic and compression style. I really only got it because I liked to wear it as a set. The bra has no padding so you will definitely be able to see if you are cold. Overall my Noli Yoga Review is positive but if you like the style but are interested there are other colors from the other brand. Based on their site, it seems that different sets that they offer have different materials so they might be worth checking out. I would repurchase this set because I love the unique color and the quality is good. Overall I am happy with my first purchase from them. Shop the exact leggings HERE or HERE and the sports bra HERE


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