How often has this happened to you? You spent hours doing a full face makeup that looks stunning in the indoor lighting. But the moment you see yourself in the rearview mirror of your car, the horror strikes. The contouring is painfully obvious. Your undereyes are overbaked. And that blush that was gorgeous indoors a minute ago now looks like two pink blobs in natural lighting.

You curse under your breath and wonder what went wrong. I’ll tell you what. The bad lighting around your makeup vanity. As someone who has walked around with unblended streaks of foundation, I can imagine the pain. But those days are behind me now. I did what had to be done and got myself Riki Loves Riki Tall Vanity Mirror that’s basically a godsend for beauty lovers like you and me.

Now, let me tell you how the Riki loves Riki Tall has changed my life (yes, you’ll know when you get one). So, it’s an LED vanity mirror that takes only a little space. Its ultra-slim frame makes it work perfectly even in a small space. Your vanity stays streamlined and uncluttered. I also really appreciate the futuristic appeal of Riki Tall

The row of HD daylight LEDs is also sleek. They are plenty in number and small in size unlike those mirrors with huge LED bulbs (they tend to generate heat and occupy a lot of space). The best part is that these LEDs have five dimming stages or five different levels of lighting. If it gets too bright for you, you can always dim it down and if you are working in a dark room, you’ve got more than enough light for a perfect makeup application. It’s super easy to set up and comes with a sturdy stand to prop it up on.

That’s not it. Riki Tall is not your regular light mirror. It’s a magnetic mirror that comes with multiple accessories. Here’s everything you get:

  • A round magnetic 3x magnifying mirror
  • A phone holder for taking selfies
  • A bluetooth remote control 
Riki Loves Riki Tall accessories
Riki Loves Riki Tall Lighted Vanity Mirror Review

The round magnetic 3x magnifying mirror conveniently sticks to Riki Tall for close-ups. It’s especially handy for perfecting that winged eyeliner. If you are a beauty blogger who regularly films tutorials or a makeup mentor who records classes, there’s also a magnetic phone holder for you. Just stick it to the mirror, attach your phone, and start recording or streaming in perfect lighting. The bluetooth selfie function also allows you to take as many Instagram-worthy selfies as you want of your makeup. 

Take it from the 100+ positive reviews on their website too. That’s what convinced me to get the Riki Tall Mirror and it turned out to be the best beauty investment for me. 

For makeup lovers like myself, it is a game-changer. I feel like a movie star and so should you. Share your experience or thoughts about the Riki Tall in the comments below. 

Riki Loves Riki Tall Lighted Vanity Mirror Review

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