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One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is getting dressed up in something festive and going out with my husband. I don’t always wear such bright colors but this year I wanted to wear something bright and festive. As soon as I put this lovely red sweetheart top on, I felt so cheery and there’s no better feeling than when your husband says he actually really likes that outfit :). I wanted the top to be the focus so I paired it with black skinny jeans, my favorite heeled booties, and my classic flap handbag.

Since Valentines Day Falls on a Thursday this year and we both have to work that day, we are going to stay in and I’ll cook us a romantic dinner. I’m still deciding which dessert to make! Then we will probably go out on the weekend when it will be less crowded.

No matter what you’re doing this Valentines Day, wear something that makes you happy and surrounds yourself with the people you love.

Red Blouse Valentines Day Outfit

These festive champagne glasses are super easy to make! Just dip the rim in maple or corn syrup and then dip in red sprinkles. Add your drink of choice and enjoy!

Valentines Day Outfit Ispirationred valentine's day outfit

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