Van Lierop Park, Blooming lupine flowers

What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Some might give you the obvious (and in my opinion, the pessimistic) answer. Heat and humidity. But if you ask a staunch nature lover like me, summer means beach days, resort retreats, double rainbows, and a chance to chase butterflies. Basically, a long, warm handshake with nature. But the thing that I look forward to the most each season is frolicking in flower fields. 

Think rolling carpets of bright sunflowers and neverending rows of colorful tulips, happily swaying under the golden sun. It’s magical to just think about these tiny patches of heaven on earth. 

My first stop this season was Van Lierop Park. It’s quite a recent addition to the city parks and a stunning one at that. You will find pathways lined with wildflowers, peaceful trails, views of Mount Rainier, and a field of gorgeous purple lupines stretching as far as the eye can see. There’s also a walking trail around the field itself that you can use while taking in the picturesque views. 

Van Lierop Park was actually formerly Van Lierop Bulb Farm. The city purchased the land to build something that everyone in the community can enjoy. With families, bikers, and other trail users already coming in flocks, suffice to say, the city plan was a success. 

The flowers are in full bloom in June so that’s the perfect time to visit. For Van Lierop Park, I wanted to wear something that makes me feel comfortable, lets me enjoy the gentle breeze AND helps me live that fairy tale moment among the flowers. This one-shoulder white dress from Chicwish checked all the boxes. It features an exaggerated bow on the single shoulder and a side slit at the hem. It’s comfy, elegant, and charming even with its simplistic beauty. 

Just like Van Lierop Park is the ideal location for your pre-wedding or bridal shower photoshoots, this dress is also perfect for such events. Plus, white truly stands out against the purple lupine field. So, your photos are bound to come out stunning. Dresses are an easy way to put together a whole look.

While Van Lierop Park will stay in my top favorites, I still have more flower fields and farms on the list to visit this summer. Many more walks among the blooms, basking in nature’s glory. 

Van Lierop Park, Blooming lupine flowers
Van Lierop Park, Blooming lupine flowers

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