black Linen Jumpsuit with Prada Wicker Basket Bag

When the leaves start turning the prettiest shades of gold, it’s my cue to take out ribbed knit cardigans and chunky sweaters. The sartorial choices go from breezy to cozy. But right when October arrives, the cute demands to be traded with spooky and edgy. And what’s spookier and edgier than an all-black outfit. I mean, I’m all for this power move anytime around the year. But all-black outfits get a whole different meaning in October.

This black jumpsuit is one of my favorite discounted steals this season and hands down the comfiest fall transitional outfit. The linen fabric may not be super cozy but it’s warm enough for the in-between weather. As for the aesthetic, I’m wholeheartedly in love with the overall cutting-edge vibe. Especially that knot on the bodice that allows for a little skin to show. The elastic cuffs give the puffy sleeves an even puffier look and I can’t say I don’t enjoy those. The hem is also done in cuff style with buttons on it.

The thing about linen is there’s no need to iron it because it’s going to inevitably wrinkle. But that’s the beauty of linen and the effortless look it exudes.

This black linen jumpsuit also gave me THE perfect opportunity to wear my new Prada wicker basket tote bag. After all, linen and wicker is a (sustainable) match made in heaven. We usually see wicker in its original tan color but Prada Wicker basket bag in black is a refreshing sight. A godsend for the spooky season. Dark witchy street style? Check and check.

The super structured (squared) look would tempt you to call it a top handle bag rather than a tote. But you can’t argue with Prada. The bag has a double handle and a cotton canvas lining. I love the little leather name tag that comes with a mirror. The zipper opens up to interior with two pockets and the main one has more than enough space for all your essentials. It has both a stylish and a rustic appeal. It will look as good on a date as it would on picnics, pumpkin patch visits, or ambient trips to the country side (already imagining it as my loyal companion to all these places). Can you tell I’m obsessed already?

A pair of comfy flats and I was ready to conquer the day and celebrate the October dark glam aesthetic.

Did you tell you how excited I am to try more fall looks? Keep a lookout on my page and you’ll find tons of inspiring for yourself.

black Linen Jumpsuit with Prada Wicker Basket Bag
black Linen Jumpsuit with Prada Wicker Basket Bag

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