Chanel Combat Boots All black look for winter

For most of us, winter is a sweet story of cool coats and warm colors. But when you have exhausted all the cool outfit options, it’s time to take out the big gun – an all-black outfit. Modest yet majestic, black always has your back. It’s powerful with an air of mystery to it. Slip into an all-black outfit and you are suddenly the coolest person in the room.

But how to style an everyday all-black look that is still casual? Allow me to help.

I started mine with a casual black turtleneck top that everyone always has in their wardrobe. This is the best one I have found because it actually keeps you warm! To make my look even cooler, I paired the top with leather leggings. This gave me a super slimming look which I loved. Another reason to love an all-black outfit is that it’s surprisingly easy to whip up. A little touch here, a little texture there and you instantly look like a boss.

No winter outfit is complete without a pair of trendy boots. For this look, I took out my Chanel combat boots – the trendiest footwear of 2020 (still relevant in 2021). Slipping into them toughened up my already cool outfit and added a forward edge. Their counter-culture aesthetic is what I love the most. They turn you from hot to the hottest real quick.

To add the perfect dash of elegance to my very ‘it’ look, I grabbed my black hat. Now, if I were looking at myself coming down the street, I’d be quite intrigued by this all-black look. So would anyone else if you go for it.

If this ensemble, especially with the combat boots, is too gothic for you, you can soften it up with a warm scarf or cape in earthy tones. I simply wanted to have a gentle contrast (and some warmth), so I went for this exquisite Louis Vuitton Logomania scarf in pearl grey color. It’s made with the warmest wool and softest silk and features giant versions of the iconic LV Monogram pattern. This was a look different than those that I usually go for. It’s easy and edgy. It makes you look sharp and slender. If you’re ever feeling liek youre in a fashion slump,  just start with a simple all black look and you can easily transform this look with colorful accessories like a scarf or statements like the hat.

I have yet to make the most of my winter wardrobe and create more head-turning looks, so subscribe to be notified of more posts. ❤ Here’s to savoring the snowy season and staying safe.❄

All black look for winter fedora with fur
Louis Vuitton Logomania scarf Pearl grey

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