holiday little black dress with scrunched boots

If there is one no-fail holiday style option, it’s the classic and timeless Little Black Dress.

The holiday season sets in motion a big flurry of celebration. Invitations start pouring in and going out. You have places to be and parties to host. In the middle of pulling off the best dinner nights, you may not get the chance to spend hours putting together an outfit worthy of you. Thankfully, Coco Chanel took care of that back in the 1920s with the Little Black Dress she popularized.

LDB is one dress that’s super chic, versatile, and doesn’t take a decade to style. It’s perfect for a holiday party and if you ask me, sexier than any other option. It’s like a secret weapon to looking absolutely fabulous. I got mine quite a while back but only got to wear it this holiday season. And I am proud to report that it looked Drop.Dead.Gorgeous.

I love most little black dresses but this one received some extra love thanks to its stunning back. It has a knot style twist on the back making it even sexier than it already is. The length is just right and the fabric oh-so-soft.

Styling my Little Black Dress was a breeze. I didn’t have to bury myself in the closet to mix and match or get frustrated over not finding the right kind of shoes to go with it. My holiday look was already (almost) complete the moment I slipped into it. All I had to do was take out my favorite knee-high heeled boots and voila! I was festivities-ready. 

The final and the most necessary last touch to my holiday look was my black Chanel bag. It’s a quintessential flip bag with a quilted design all over and a leather and chain-link strap. It perfectly pulled together my whole look without the need of any other accessories.

As you might have noticed, I couldn’t be happier with this simple and sleek yet powerful look. What’s your holiday style? Tell me in the comments below.

all black look with dress and heeled boots
twist back little black dress

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