flowy maxi dress for the holiday

I can understand the urge to dress up a little extra for the holiday season! After all, it’s not every day you get an excuse to go all out but take it from me, a simple white holiday dress will work wonders! The right dress with the perfect cut is all you really need to brighten up your day and make holiday festivities extra special.

I went with a gorgeous maxi dress as it offers the perfect balance of warmth and flow. I decided to complement it with a red bag to bring contrast and pay homage to the holiday season’s vibrant colors. White truly captures my presence and radiates a powerful aura. I would like to believe that it invites positivity and cultivates perfection. White also makes a strong feminine fashion statement for confident women. Pairing white with a red bag was a conscious decision to welcome in some happy energy. Red also carries strong symbolic value for me and helps incorporate love and joy into my life.

This knit top and flowing skirt pair-up gave me a form-fitting dress that hugs my waist but flares up below it. Fit and flare dresses are universally flattering and are a comfortable reprieve from the demands of high-end fashion. Someone once told me that to look good, you must be prepared to sacrifice a little comfort, in fact, they insisted on a little pain being worth the effort. My holiday dress is my answer to them – a dress that pairs comfort and fashion seamlessly together. This chic and trendy ensemble is dipped in elegance from head to toe and forever proves that less is always more.

I completed the look with elegant ivory heels that go beautifully with the white holiday dress. I have worn these heels with multiple outfits and each time, they spark joy in me like the first time. Yes, I love these shoes and by now, my love for them is probably self-evident.

My formal white and red holiday outfit would definitely make a comeback because why not! Stay tuned for some amazing post-holiday outfits on my blog and Instagram page.

celine box bag red teen
white holiday maxi dress flowy skirt

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