Cargo pants might not be the sexiest outfit option on your list, especially the baggy ones with huge pockets on them. But if you gave them a skinny jeans twist, they could make for some of the trendiest and smartest looks.

Cargo pants were originally designed for men in the military but soon after they were introduced in the mainstream fashion scene, their popularity spread like wildfire among women. They did disappear for some time but made a comeback with different styles and color range. Think slim-fitted cargo pants, harem cargo pants, cropped cargo pants and even denim cargo pants. They are now a must for the ultimate airport look or going out and about.

The best thing about this part-military, part-street-style look is that it can work for multiple occasions. A dinner date, a girls’ hang out, or even for the office. The secret is in how you style them.

While I have nothing against the baggy style, I personally gravitate towards outfits that make me look slim and sharp. When I spotted these cargo pants at American Eagle, I knew I had to get them. The style and the olive color are so lovely that my sister got a matching pair too.😀

Putting together an impressive ensemble with minimal effort is my gift to myself this year. Looking my very best is my way of silently communicating with the world and it’s an integral part of my personality. These slim-fitted cargo pants are snug and fit perfectly. They are the perfect contrast with my white turtleneck sweater that adds a certain pizzazz to the outfit. 

I completed the outfit with an impressive pair of brown suede boots. You may go for trainers, pumps, or even combat boots but for this look, I wanted to keep the style in line with the season and so opted for these smart boots. Lastly, for the bag, I picked up this trendy Bottega shoulder pouch in camel color. This voluminous bag created a perfect balance with my slim-fitted ensemble. It’s made with the softest Nappa leather and features a single compartment with a calf leather interior. 

Cargo pants make for a gorgeous everyday look that’s not too overwhelming neither too laid back. It’s on the perfect middle ground that gives you confidence and sass. Looking good conveys our ability to put our best feet forward. Let’s just say I’ve earmarked this outfit for great first impressions. Keep watching for more winter outfit inspirations.


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