leather pants deadwood white half zip sweater chanel pearl strap bag

Regardless of recent trends, skinny jeans have been my go-to option since forever and always will be. While I love their on-the-go convenience and all the cute looks they help me create, some days I just want my inner rebel to have some fun. That’s when leather pants make an appearance. Edgy and enormously sexy, leather pants are synonymous with rock icons and biker gangs. They exude the kind of strength and self-confidence that hardly comes with anything else. They scream ‘don’t mess with me’ without you making much effort and that’s exactly the look I wanted this particular day. I got these black leather pants from the brand Deadwood a while back and just can’t have enough of them.

If you follow my Instagram page, you must have spotted me style them with a striking red top as well. This time though, I wanted an edgier look injected with a little wild spirit. For that, I went with a collared half-zip sweater from Chicwish. The collar gave me that ‘ready for anything’ look that I absolutely adored. The sweater was loosely fitted but incredibly cozy and allowed me to have a mix of textures – wool with leather.

Now, coming towards our trophy piece, I cannot sing enough praises of the Deadwood leather pants. If you are an advocate of sustainable fashion, this brand is perfect for you. Their products come from recycled vintage clothing and their objective is to make the leather industry more waste efficient. That’s the sort of vision I can get behind. Soon as I was introduced to the brand, I couldn’t wait to try out their pants. To be honest I was a bit worried about the quality as it says they use recycled leather. Recycled leather can consist of rejected skins. I ordered a pair of $1,000 leather pants and these are the same time and these were actually way better quality.  I did have to go up one size in the pants through. 

The straight-leg design of these black leather pants is impeccable, and the quality top-notch. The high-waisted style takes you back to the ‘70s rock n roll and punk royalty. Despite appearing skin-tight, they are oh-so-comfortable and a pleasure to walk in. The leather is breathable and keeps you super cozy in the chilly weather. It’s water-resistant and windproof, so you know the cold’s got nothing on it. The buttery-soft smartness of these leather trousers makes me look sleek and sexy. What I love the most is that the styling options are limitless. You can wear them with an oversized sweater for a casual look or a silk blouse for a romantic night out. Whatever you choose, the result will be statement-worthy, I promise.

When you are going for leather pants, it’s best to keep the accessories minimal. This ensures that your pants get the attention they deserve. I slipped into a pair of black heels to match the pants and threw on a cute Chanel Mini Pearl wallet on chain to match the sweater. It’s super easy to carry and comes with an oversized pearl strap that’s dreamily heart-melting.

I had a blast creating and flaunting this edgy and elevated black and white outfit. Check out another outfit where I styled these same leather pants in a different way HERE. Stay tuned to find out.

leather pants deadwood white half zip sweater chanel pearl strap bag
leather slim pants deadwood white half zip sweater chanel pearl strap bag
chanel wallet with pearl strap white