Aside from pumpkin picking and sipping cozy cups of coffee, another fall activity that I enjoy is mixing and matching outfit pieces to create fall looks. There are so many fall trends to love! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite fall looks below. If you are in need of some fashion inspiration, here are some easy fall trends to recreate.

Jewel Tones

An easy way to elevate a look is to wear jewel tones. Emerald greens, crimson red, orchid, teal and wine are the best tones for fall. These colors will look super elegant with almost any pairing, whether you are wearing basic blue jeans, midi skirts or leather pants. All you really need are nice heels and you are ready for date night.

Bold Prints

For those who have more fashion panache, I recommend bold prints for fall. These can be intimidating, I know, but they make an outfit more interesting. Prints like houndstooth and argyle offer a bold but restrained vibe. I love wearing these with basic black or neutral bottoms that balance the patterns. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to wear patterns or prints with simple-colored bottoms and accessories to keep the look balanced.

Monochromatic Neutrals

I’m a big fan of neutrals, regardless of the season but this look works especially well for fall. Monochromatic neutrals elongate your line and easily clean up your look. When I’m wearing a monochromatic outfit, I mix different textures to break up the monotony of one color. A pop of understated color thrown in the monochromatic mix can also make the look even better.

Leather Pants

Lastly of the 5 fall trends, if you are in the mood to switch up your style, add a little edge to your fall outfit with a pair of leather pants. Black leather pants are one of my ways to spice up my fall wardrobe. They are effortlessly sexy, plus also very flattering on the figure.

Shearling Coat

No fall list is complete without cozy coats and on top of my cozy coat list is the shearling coat. Wearing a shearling coat for fall and winter is honestly equivalent to a warm hug from a loved one, don’t you think? This cold weather staple is definitely worthy of a splurge. Invest in a piece that not only looks good on you but will also last for years. That way, you get great value for your money!

Did I miss your favorite fall trends? Let me know if any of these 5 fall trends are on your list!