Cable Knit Sweater for Fall

Sweaters, scarves, earthy tones, freshly-brewed coffee, and the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. But most importantly sweaters. The simple pleasures of fall. 

Slim-fit, oversized, bat-sleeved, woolen, or ribbed-knitted. No matter the style, sweaters, in my books, are the best piece of clothing to ever exist. With its sweet warmth and feel-good fluffy look, a good sweater has the power of making even the coldest person look like a big softie. They just instantly make you feel snuggled up. Sweaters are adorable and it’s officially sweater weather here in Washington State. Since it doesn’t get extremely cold here I usually get away with with wearing a sweater and a waterproof layer over top.

I found what I was looking for in this Isabel Marant Cable Knit Sweater. This gorgeous beige sweater swaddles you in plush comfort and makes you feel like everything’s right in the world. I mean, it’s wool. Unmatched comfort and warmth are a given. The chunky cable-knit looks and feel perfectly cozy. The puff sleeves give it kind of a voluminous silhouette. So, balancing that flair with a slim-fit pants will be a good idea. 

The neutral color makes this cable knit sweater a perfectly adaptable wardrobe staple. Pair it with a light color or a dark color, it will look great with anything. 

My choice for the pants was a beige slim-fit pair and there I had a very laid-back yet elegant all-beige neutral look. Fall fashion trends for 2021 say that yellow, orange, and pink are dominating but my love for neutrals doesn’t care. And I’d advise you the same. Do what you love and what makes you feel confident. Neutrals make me happy and I won’t be parting ways with them anytime soon. 

I even went with matching round-toe Vince Boots that are actually incredible stylish. They are 100% suede boots with chunky rubber soles that make you feel a little badass. Front lace-up and side zip fastening further add to their edgy personality. They are super comfy and you could walk like many many miles under the trees over crunchy fallen leaves and not feel like your feet are giving up. 

Now, the last but the most important thing my all-beige outfit needed was a pop of color. I went with the ultimate signature fall color for the bag: rich brown that encompassed the true feeling of fall. It looked stunning to say the least and the whole look was instantly elevated. 

Fall fashion is all about chunky knits and sweaters that make you smile. Keep watching this space for more fashionable fall outfits.

Cable Knit Sweater for Fall

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