Silk Mock Neck Top

Neutral looks are always a sophisticated and timeless style choice. It is one of my go-to looks because it works so well, regardless of the season. I have worn them a number of times for many different occasions, and I can say with certainty that I will never get tired of styling neutrals. This time around, I decided to do a play on texture with a silk mock neck top, which I paired with beige jeans.

A silk mock neck top is the perfect piece to elevate a pair of basic jeans. I wanted to add a romantic flair to my day look, so I picked out this champagne-colored top. My beige jeans offer a pretty simple but flattering silhouette. I love that this pair is done in a cool-toned beige, which complements my lighter-colored top well. The two pieces have contrasting textures – with silk being buttery soft and jeans being a little more rugged. But, together, they have a balanced contrast that just looks so alluring.

A little tip when doing a monotone look: mix up the textures and go for different shades of neutrals. This breaks the uniformity and makes your look a lot more interesting.

Finishing my outfit is a pair of pointed-toe neutral heels, which along with the beige skinny jeans, effectively elongate my legs. Ladies, you don’t need to wear extremely high heels all the time. You can have that extra height and the illusion of longer legs with the right pairing of pants and heels!

Finally, I accessorized with a mini Chanel bag, which had just the right size for my casual day out. Most of the time, I don’t go for big, bulky totes when wearing feminine and romantic looks. Unless you are going for a statement look, it’s always smart to keep accessories simple and understated. Too much embellishments can take away from the beauty of your outfit.

This has been one of my favorite neutral looks, thanks to the silk mock neck top, which is definitely the star of this whole outfit. 

Do you love silk looks too? Let me know if  you would want to see more silk pieces featured here!

Silk Mock Neck Top monochromatic beige look
Silk Mock Neck Top all beige look

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