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Have you ever wondered what you should wear to your date night? Does it seem that just as your long-awaited date comes around the corner, you suddenly have nothing to wear? I am very familiar with this predicament, sometimes spending hours trying to ensemble the perfect outfit. Sometimes the perfect outfit is something that we already have hanging in our wardrobe. I love how this all beige look is a balance of looking dressed up and the pants still give a “not too fancy” vibe.

It’s important to note that the color goes with my skin tone, neither washing me out nor making me stand out too much. Different skin tones can still rock this look and look glamorous. All beige has always had a simple elegance to it that I have always loved. In this cute ensemble, I use different shades of the same color to come up with a killer look.

To start us off, let me talk about the off the shoulder top; oh how I love this top. It lets me show a little bit of skin while still exuding modesty and sophistication. It flows well, complementing my silhouette and giving me a girly vibe that I didn’t expect. Its shade of beige is also quite complimentary. I have always loved how light tones are more elegant like this.

While the pants aren’t much, they complement the top well; their darker tone balancing out the outfit somehow. However, the true icing on the cake is the heels. At almost the same shade as the top, they exude elegance and poise. Like all heels, they have quickly upgraded this outfit to a higher level of sophistication; giving me an all too familiar confidence boost.

When it comes to wearing heels with pants, I always feel the look seems more polished when the pants don’t quite reach your ankles. This tip has helped me time and time again, working quite superbly in this all beige look.

To cap it all off, I decided to wear my hair down, exuding a relaxed feminine look rather than an uptight one. It is a romantic date night after all; a time to relax and connect. And  I must say, my hair does go well with this all beige outfit!

The exact top is from Amanda Uprichard and I wear size XS but it has sold out now so I linked similar options. The jeans run true to size and are not see through at all.

See a similar but more casually styled look with the same jeans HERE.

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