were moving back to washington

It’s so crazy to say it out loud or even type it. I always knew this day would come and it’s finally here. We are moving back to Washington state! Before I get to why we are moving, let me give you a little background of how we ended up on the East Coast in the Boston area.


Why we Moved to Boston

My husband and I are originally from Washington state. We were both born and raised there and our families are all there too. My husband graduated school as a Software developer and he got a job opportunity that would require us to move to another state while working on that project. It was a good opportunity so we decided to take it and see where we ended up. So we told them we can start after we got married, at the end of 2016. As it got closer to the state date, they announced that they would be moving us to Massachusetts! They only told us a month before the actually move date so basically we got married then went on our honeymoon and move right away.  All I could think at the time was that they chose to move us to the farthest place possible. The company helped us with the move and thankfully everything went smoothly. I quickly adjusted to east coast life and got a job here as well and even started my blog! However we always knew eventually we wanted to go back. It’s hard being away from all your family and friends and we want to settle down in our original home near them. 

were moving knit tank sailor shorts

Washington Here we Come

We always planned to live in Massachusetts for about three years and then move back but then as it got closer to the three year mark we were going back and forth trying to decide when we would actually go back. Our housing lease is ending soon so we decided to move now instead of getting tied down for another year. My husband is ready to move on to another position at a different company and we would like to purchase our first home soon! I’m so excited to be with my family for all the big life events that will happen in the future but even all those little things like birthday parties and weekend gathering. Its coming up quick but we should already be back in Washington by September. 

I’ll definitely miss Boston as I’ve made some good friends here and got used to the way of life but I’m also ready for this new chapter in my life and to see where life takes us. We are now planning the move as we have to get our stuff all the way across the country. After doing some research and trying to find the most cost effective way, we decided to sell off some big furniture and get a moving company to transport our belongings. We have two little dogs so we will be driving with them across the country. We debated flying but we want tot take our car and in the end decided it would be easier to drive with the dogs and cheaper than flying. Plus we could turn it into a fun road trip. It will be our first time driving all the way across America. 

As a young couple I think it was good to experience the east coast and to take this opportunity. I learned so much and got to experience a new kind of independence. The Boston summers are beautiful and there’s so many of my favorite spots I will miss. I’ve grown to love the Boston area but I feel like Washington will always be my home. Being around my family is so important to me and I hope that eventually we can settle down, buy a home and start our own family.