Chanel 19 light beige handbag size small classic styled with an all beige look

The Chanel 19 is the ultimate splurge worthy bag. Especially among crossbody bags. They’re cute, classy, and easy to incorporate into outfits. No matter the color, they add delicate femininity to your look. Just like my Chanel 19 Small Bag in beige color.
Chanel 19 Bag became an instant sensation when it came out. For one, it was designed by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. This alone gave Chanel 19 immediate legitimacy. Secondly, its tempting price tag made it a popular choice among bag hoarders. Thirdly, it’s a stunningly beautiful bag. Who wouldn’t want their hands on it? Being a Chanel enthusiast, I love when there is a new classic style released.
Before I go into styling details, allow me to share an interesting fact. It’s named 19 because that’s Coco Chanel’s date of birth and also Karl Lagerfeld’s date of demise. What a beautiful way to pay homage to both designers. To do this bag’s magnificence justice, you’ve got to style it as elegantly and thoughtfully.
While it could’ve gone nicely enough with darker tones or even black, I decided to style it with a neutral outfit to bring out its true glory. I went with a super soft and cozy turtleneck in almost the same color as the Chanel 19 Small Bag. Pairing the turtleneck with slightly darker but beige jeans came naturally as the monochromatic outfit was giving the bag a perfect backdrop to shine on. Next came the white heels to balance everything out. And voila! To say that this is one of the most elegant looks I’ve created in a while is an understatement.
The moment I threw the bag over my shoulder, I fell in love with it all over again. It may look like the classic flap bag at first glance but there are a lot of differences. Chanel 19 features the iconic diamond quilting but larger than what’s usual for Chanel. The chains are also chunkier with a mix of gold-tone and silver & ruthenium-finish metals. It also has a shorter chain handle for you to carry it on the arm. What makes the bag genuinely stand out is the very modern and trendy CC logo made with metal and leather woven together. I’ve had many bags and purses of all sizes and styles but this will forever be among my top favorite ones.
If you’re looking for a new bag to grace your collection, go for a crossbody bag. Unlike totes and other bigger shoulder bags, crossbody bags don’t put a strain on the shoulders and look super cute. Keep watching this space for more outfit inspirations and bag styling

Chanel 19 light beige handbag size small classic styled with a white sweater
Chanel 19 light beige handbag size small classic styled with a neutral outfit

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