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For Christmas 2020 I was gifted a one night stay to Post Hotel. The Post Hotel is a boutique hotel in Leavenworth, Washington. It is known and has become popular for its various sauna and steam rooms. It is considered very luxurious and comes with the price tag to match. It follows the German theme set by the town of Leavenworth.  Me and my husband decided we didn’t want to wait and booked it soon after. We ended up staying in the first week if January. I loved the idea of a winter getaway and The Post Hotel in Leavenworth seemed like the perfect spot.

Booking and Check-in

Since we did book somewhat last minute, I had to check frequently and wait for a cancelation to reserve us a booking. We also wanted to go on the weekend to avoid taking too much time off work. It’s important to keep in mind that if you book on Friday or Saturday, they require a minimum of two nights. Even if you were only gifted one night for the gift card. Booking was easily down online and the hotel was quick to answer any questions I had over the phone as well. We ended up paying the extra night ourselves but it turned out better. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from us so we didn’t want to have to drive back home the next day and we got to enjoy more experiences.

We arrived and the check-in process was simple and quick. They have good security at the front door as you have to use your key card to get in or get buzzed in by the front desk. They took our temperature for covid safety measures and gave us a little overview of the hotel offerings. One of the best parts about the hotel is that they offer a free parking garage to their guests. This turned out to be a huge plus because it did snow quite a lot while we were there but our car stayed clear and we didn’t even have to go outside to put our luggage away. 

We were really impressed when we got to the room. It was very cozy and nicely designed. I love the balcony and fireplace. We had the Mountain View room. In the video below I shared a room tour. Each of their rooms features a large marble bath. The bath was really beautiful but it does take a while to fill up and I didn’t find it that comfortable. It cools off quickly due to the cold marble. The room was very clean. Some of the amenities included were a large wardrobe, tv, mini fridge, iron and hairdryer. Many of the guests in this hotel wear their robes around the hotel. This is probably because they spend most of their time at the pool area. The hotel provides the robes and slippers in each guest room. Each room also gifts water bottles to the guests that they can use to fill up at the water stations around the hotel.

Pool and Spa

The pool is one of the most popular features that attracts people to Post Hotel. Upon entry into the pool room you are greeted and handed a clean towel. You can choose your own lounging chair to place your belongings. There were a variety of large round cushioned loungers and and the traditional fold out kind. During our stay the hotel seemed to be quite full so at times there was some difficulty finding an open spot. The staff is helpful and try to locate one for you if you ask. The pool area consists of a large half indoor and half outdoor pool, a hot jacuzzi outside, a hot jacuzzi inside, 2 very cold dip tubs, and foot soaks of varying temperatures. They also have several rooms that include 3 steam rooms and 3 dry saunas of varying temperatures with various essential oil infusions. They also have one cold room. I really enjoyed all these rooms, they were very relaxing as well as beautifully designed. The entire pool area was clean and seemed to be well maintained. They had a water station there as well. The only negative was that it did get a little crowded at one point while we were there. The hotel also offers a paid spa that is separate. There you can get massages and other treatments. We didn’t try anything but it is there as an option. I did not take any photos at the pool area as it was too crowded and they do ask guests to avoid taking photos for privacy reasons. It’s best to leave your phone in your room and enjoy the moment. 

post hotel Leavenworth Washington cozy fireplace in lobby
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One of amenities factored into the price at Post Hotel are the meals. They offer complimentary breakfast, lunch and an evening dessert. They don’t offer a dinner but you have the option of going into the town and getting something there or they have night bites which are small snacking plates. We ended up ordering take out from some places in the city. The meals that they provided were very good and filling. You are able to order multiple dishes to make sure you get full and you can try different things. Another tip is that you are able to order lattes and various coffees even though it wasn’t on the menu. They have a rotating seasonal menu so during our entire stay the menu was the same for breakfast and dinner. They feature German dishes so that you can get the full Germantown experience. The nightly dessert also changed so we got to experience something new both nights. The first night was chocolate pudding and a cookie and the second night was a baked fruit tart. I included some photos of our dishes at the bottom of the post. Overall the food was really good and fresh. They also had a lot of beverage options to choose from. After you check out or if you are only staying one night. You are allowed to stay on the grounds till 2pm. This way you can still enjoy the lunch even if you only stay one night. 

Things to Do

Although you could totally just relax at the hotel all day, we wanted to get outside for some winter fun. There’s many options for fun activities near Leavenworth, especially in the winter. For our full day there, we planned a snowmobiling tour. It was through the company Leavenworth Snowmobile Tours. We chose to do the two hour tour and it was perfect for us! My husband really enjoys more adventurous activities and I thought it would be fun too so i booked it. I just rode as the passenger on the back and he was the driver. It was just long enough. Riding through the snow covered mountains was definitely one of the most beautiful sights. The only negative about the tour was that it was quite bumpy. I had a hard time holding on at one point. Our guide said that the trails probably wasn’t groomed recently so it might not always be so bumpy. Another fun activity that I was considering was a sleigh ride. It looked so cool and it would be better for a larger group, if you have kids or just want a more calm activity. There are several companies that offer sleigh rides. Near the town there is also a reindeer farm. This would be another fun option with kids. The town of Leavenworth itself is also really nice to walk around and explore. They have a variety of shops to look through. 

Overall I really enjoyed our little winter getaway to the The Post Hotel in Leavenworth, Washington. It was very relaxing at the pool and spa rooms yet I feel that we got to enjoy some fun winter activities outdoor as well. I would definitely recommend visiting there at least once to experience it and I hope to come back some day. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below and I’d be happy to answer.