Keeping Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

There’s no denying that as winter time comes around, the days get shorter and the air gets cold. This cold air can be really drying for our skin and cause it to have many negative symptoms. This year, instead of letting it get to that point, I wanted to make an extra effort to keep my skin hydrated and be mindful of how I’m taking care of it. It’s so important to invest in our skin because lots of damage is irreversible. Keeping it hydrated all year, especially during winter will also help to prevent signs of aging in the long run. I’m going to be sharing some of the easy steps and products that can help with keeping your skin hydrated during winter. These tips have worked great for me, but it’s also important to listen to your own body and adjust as necessary.


This one may seem a little obvious but it is one of the most important. Many people wait to use lotion until their skin is already dry but in the wintertime, you want to use it before, as prevention. It’s important to use good creams everywhere. Usually, body parts that are more exposed to cold are will be dryer like your face and hands. The best body creams that I’ve found are Nivea Moisture Creme and Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream. They are thick creams that give lasting hydration and the great thing about them is that you can use them on your face and body. For those times when I’m looking for something not as heavy to wear under makeup, I always reach for Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream with the matching eye cream or It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream. The only lip balm that gets me through the harsh winter is Nuxe Rev de Miel. I was so sad when they discontinued selling this product to the US but thankfully I was still able to find it shipped from the UK for the same price.

Important times to reapply lotions and creams:

  • After Hand/face Washing or showering!!
  • Before Going Outdoors
  • When you Wake Up and Before Bed
  • As Needed
Keeping Skin Hydrated During Winter


Although this is something you should always do, I find that this is especially important with the increased amount of lotion use. Gently removing the dead skin from your face and body will help your skin absorb the creams better. It will also remove any flakes and help makeup look smoother. There’s a balance with exfoliation. If you prefer to use a scrub, once or twice a week will be enough. I like to use a gentler daily exfoliation method, once a day before bed, which includes using my Clarisonic with the radiance head and then applying Paula’s Choice 2% Liquid Exfoliate. This has made a huge improvement with my skin clarity and texture. If you want to try it, it is recommended to let it dry for 15 minutes after applying and before putting your other products on. Some of the ways to exfoliate are using a natural sea sponge on your body and a pumice stone for your feet.

Keeping Skin Hydrated During Winter

Put Moisture Back in the Air

Using a humidifier or diffuser is one of those things that I can’t recommend enough! I never realized what a difference it makes until I decided to buy one. I can also see a difference on the days I don’t use it. Before going to bed, I turn it on in the corner of our room and set the timer for it to go all night. It’s like having a spa all night and you don’t really even have to do anything. For added benefits, I add Soft Skin Essential oils to it. Our exact humidifier is here. It’s very low maintenance since it tells you when to clean it. I also take the water out and let it dry during the day or while not in use, to prevent mildew.

Keeping Skin Hydrated During Winter


If you wear makeup year round like me then you might have noticed that some products work differently depending on the season. I find this to be especially noticeable with foundation. There are so many different types and formulas on the market now that it may be a little confusing on which to use. In general, matte products tend to be more drying and prevent natural skin oil. Since I want to add more moisture, not prevent it, I look for products labeled as having a dewy, luminous, or natural finish. One of my favorite foundations is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Instead of using brushes, that can cause flaky skin, I apply foundation and concealer with a damp sponge like the Real Techniques Sponge. I very lightly set my face with powder to prevent creasing. To finish off, instead of using drying matte lipsticks, go for a gloss. I love the Buxom Lip Creme Gloss. Now you’re ready to go about your day!

Winter may not be my favorite season but hopefully, these tips will keep you comfortable and skin looking amazing!

Keeping Skin Hydrated During Winter