If you live somewhere that actually gets cold in the winter, then you probably know you need a good winter coat to wear during those months. Until I moved to Boston, I didn’t really know what a real winter is! With the negative temperatures, chilling winds, and frequent snow, I began looking for something to keep me warm and that would last throughout the years. I noticed that quite a few people were mentioning the brand Canda Goose and there were several styles available at my local Nordstrom. Since my old coat was starting to show lots of wear, I decided to splurge and invest in a new coat for myself. I couldn’t find many thorough reviews when I was looking at this exact style so I’m making my Canada Goose Rossclair Parka Review.

To start off, this coat has exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with it! However, when I first bought it, people made it seem like it was the warmest coat in the world. I quickly realized that the coat alone will not keep you warm. You still need to layer and wear a warm sweater, gloves, warm pants, and warm shoes or boots. Notice how I didn’t say a hat. One of my favorite parts of this coat is the hood. It is down filled and thick and plush as the rest of the coat. I almost always wear the hood to block wind and keep my ears warm. It does make it a little hard to hear if you’re talking with someone while wearing the hood. Supposedly the genuine coyote fur trim is supposed to prevent some of the wind from coming in the front as well. Whenever there is strong windchill, the only places that feel cold, are the ones that aren’t covered by the coat. The longer back makes a big difference.

The Canada Goose Rossclair Parka Features:

-Six Pockets, double front pockets and two inner pockets (one zip and one slip mesh pocket). Front pockets are fleece lined.

-Adjustable Waist

-Zipper and button front closure

-Adjustable hood depth

-Removable genuine coyote fur trim

-625 Fill Power White Duck Down Fill

-Zipper extender in the back (makes the bottom wider)

-Backpack straps inside


I had a difficult time deciding between xxs and xs and none of the stores in my area had both in stock in the exact style so I had to order both online to try and then kept the one that fit better. They both fit however, it’s important to try it on with a thick sweater underneath and then see which one is more comfortable. After doing this I chose to go with the xs and I’m very happy with my choice. Keep in mind that different styles fit differently. This style is considered to be slim fit. A common question people wonder is if all fur hoods on Canada Goose are the same color. The answer is no. The fur is a genuine so there will be variations depending on the animal it came from. There will also be variations in fur thickness. This so something to be aware of when purchasing a coat from them.  If you have any additional questions about the Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, feel free to comment and I’d be happy to help.


  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Adjustable Waist and Hood
  • Warm, Plush Hood
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Backpack Straps for Hands-Free Carrying. I use this all the time!
  • Fur has a wire inside to keep its shape
  • No velcro. This is a huge pro for me since velcro can snag delicate sweaters and scarves and it tends to wear out quickly.


  • I wish the bottom was adjustable so I could tighten it and further reduce air coming in.
  • Cost
  • Starts to show wear from frequent wearing such as color fading at the seems and the zipper paint has chipped off
  • Avoid wearing fur in the rain

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What size is your parka? Did you try another style aside from rossclair? like lorette or kensington? Planning to buy one but confused which among the three I should get. Anyway you look great! 💕

Thank you, Monique! I ended up getting the xs because the xxs was not as comfortable when I wear a sweater underneath. I tried on the Victoria Style but it is shorter and had a strange fit on me, tight on the bottom and loose in the chest. I think it just depends on the style you prefer between the three. Some main differences are the Kensington doesn’t zip down all the way in the front, the adjustable waist is on the outside and it has much more buttons while the Lorette has a quilted pattern and I don’t think you can adjust the waist at all. Hope this helps 🙂

Hi! Thanks so much for this great review, it’s very informative! May I please ask how tall you are? I’m 5’3″ and 108lbs so I’m thinking the xs will fit me similarly to you throughout the body but I’m wondering where it’s going to hit on my leg in comparison. It’s tough to go by the CG pictures since they seem to be of tall models wearing the jackets but I don’t know how tall they are for comparison. Thanks!

I’m 5’6”. A bit longer fit isn’t bad because it will provide some extra warmth 😊

Yes, I agree… You look tall but I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t going to be any shorter on me, the longer the better IMOP! Thanks so much for the quick response & info 😉

Hi! Are the fleece lined pockets completely lined in fleece or just one side in the pocket?

Hi! It’s only on one side and only in the slip pocket.

Is the inside of the hood lined as well?

Hi! No the hood is not lined, it’s the same as the interior of the coat which is a slick polyester.

Hello and thank you for your review! Thank you for supporting the wild fur industry, a renewable resource and biodegradable it really is the best thing for outdoor clothing! I have had a Canada goose jacket for a few years but I’m looking to get a more stylish one (I have expedition).

This coat comes in an Fusion fit option, did you get the regular jacket or the fusion option for small body frames?

I got regular fit. I would not want to get a closer fit because I layer and it fits comfortably with a thick sweater.

Hi! Great review! Would you still recommend this parka? You mentioned it started to show wear. How long before it showed wear at the seams? Does it look like it will tear?

Hi! Yes, I definitely still recommend it. I wore it every day for about 2 winters and had it dry cleaned multiple times. The wear on the edges was only slight fading of the black color. If it develops any tears they will replace the coat for you through their warranty.