ag dee denim shorts Ricochet

Who doesn’t love the ocean? Well, it surely isn’t me. I have always found it relaxing watching the waves gently and rhythmically hit the rocks as I sat and just basked in the sun. During these uncertain times, I have found myself more and more drawn to the peace that this place gives me.


So I decided to visit the rocky ocean and wear one of my cutest outdoorsy outfits. If there is one feeling that this outfit just gives, it is the thrill of adventure. I have always loved the high waisted shorts with a crop top look and was excited to create a version of my own. It’s not too revealing but gives a peep of stomach.

long sleeved v neck crop top navy

The denim shorts I wore were comfortable yet edgy; a quality I am always looking for in my outfits. The fact that they covered up to just below my thighs and had a distressed seam made them quite complementary to my silhouette. They are my favorite and most worn denim shorts. They fit a bit longer but aren’t so tight and restrictive.

On the other hand, the crop top seemed to be a contradiction of itself, both covering and revealing. Its V-neck made it less stuffy and made up for the fact that it had long sleeves. When put together with the denim shorts, it creates a balance that is hard to replicate. Ultimately, this top was just what I needed to shield from the ocean wind and sun while still being true to my fashionista core.

I made sure that both the denim shorts and crop top were made of light fabrics; no need to get sweaty and clammy when you’re supposed to be having a great time! To keep true to the badass vibe that this outfit undoubtedly exudes, I let my hair down and wore my favourite Ray-Ban Ericka sunglasses. For this pair I prefer to get sunglasses in a brown shade because they look less harsh on my fair skin.

The finishing touch was a pair of casual sandals that are a perfect fit for a day by the ocean. All things considered, this was a great look for a trip to watch the waves. This park is called Beavertail State park and is located in Rhode Island.

These shorts run true to size. The exact top is sold out so I’ve linked similar options below. See more summer looks HERE.

styling denim shorts look for summer
ag dee shorts Ricochet
styling denim shorts casual look for summer

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