floral chicwish dress

Dresses, dresses, dresses; oh how I love them. Sometimes it feels that there is a type of femininity that only they can provide. They seem to make you feel so confident all over again; a feeling I have no problem reveling in. They are also a good choice if you are looking for something light for summer. I picked out this new dress from Chicwish and was presently surprised.

One of my favorites is this floral Chicwish dress. Like with all Chicwish designs, it exudes an indie vibe; making you feel wild and free. This Faux wrap style dress is girliness embodied. With its flowy drape, cinched in waist and ending just below the thigh, it is quite flattering to my silhouette.

It is neither tight nor baggy, the perfect fitting for a summer day outdoors. I also like how layered it is; this adds a certain oomph to the design. Due to its rich pattern, I decided to keep accessories simple. I went with white sandal heels and a Navy Chanel trendy bag size small.

The navy bag was small enough to carry my necessities but not make me feel weighed down. With this outfit, it felt like light was the way to go. On the other hand, the white sandal heels added a needed playfulness to the outfit. They are The Row Bare Sandals and one of my most favorite pairs. 

While I was aiming at accessories that are solid colored so as not to overwhelm the outfit, I also wanted to pay homage to the blue and white of this Chicwish dress. In this regard, I feel like the navy bag and white shoes complement the dress perfectly, making it seem that they were all bought together.

Immediately I put on this outfit I knew I had to leave my hair down. There was no doubt about it. It was the best hairstyle to express the girliness and freedom that this outfit exudes!

blue floral dress from chicwish
blue floral chicwish dress navy chanel trendy

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