Black Lace Top with Isabel Marant Denvee Boots

Temperatures are slowly rising with coats and jackets seeing the bottom of the trunks (or just the back of the closet to be less dramatic). Soon cotton fabrics and floral prints will be reigning. Some linen and chiffon in between. But one fabric that we tend to forget is lace. Lace is not reserved only for wedding gowns and formal dresses. It sure has a sense of extravaganza associated with it but lace tops can easily blend in your summer wardrobe just like this black lace top that I’m proud of.

There was a time when lace was made by hand. A lot of hard work and tens of hours later, one collar or cuff piece was made. It truly was a labor of love and a rarity that only monarchs and the nobility could afford. After everything was automated, it became a favorite among designers. And now, it’s seen on most fashion runways, wedding dresses, and summer collections. For me, lace offers a chance to break from boring monochromatic looks and add some dimension and texture.

This black lace top has an open-knit design which alone is cool enough to make a statement. The long sleeves with broad cuffs give it a very sophisticated look. The v-neck balances the slight puff in the sleeves and the button detailing at the front add that dressy flavor to the top. It’s classic and timeless with a bit of Victorian-inspired flair. It’s basically your fool-proof ticket to looking absolutely phenomenal. The delicacy and mystique of this statement top are perfectly evened out with matching black jeans. But you would notice that despite being an all-black look, it’s not boring at all. The black lace top offers a pleasant texture and separation needed for monochromatic outfits.

Isabel Marant Denvee boots felt like the best choice to complete this look. Featuring pointed toes and Cuban heels, they turned my all-black outfit into a nice cocktail of classic and cool. They are made from 100% leather and have a comfortable slip-on style. I have always liked slip-on style vs zips and laces. Spare me the struggle, please! I even love these boots so much I even have the shorter length in a different color. See that post HERE.

The black Chanel bag served as a cherry on top for this all-black look. Its golden chain strap with leather weave gives off the feel of fine jewelry which I didn’t need with this outfit.

Lace tops come in so many different designs and patterns. It’d be a shame to keep your wardrobe deprived of this beautiful feminine fabric. I plan on delving a little deeper into the realm of lace and buy more blouses to style for you. Keep watching this space until my next look with lace xx

Black Lace Top with Isabel Marant Denvee Boots
black lace top with chanel medium flap

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