Sweetheart Top with Bell Sleeves black

The sweetheart neckline has been around for centuries. Some believe it first appeared in the 18th-century French couture while others trace it way back to the 15th-century court of Isabella of Spain. No matter when it originated, the sweetheart neckline has been a favorite of designers and fashionistas alike. 

Sweetheart neckline gets its name from the fact that it’s shaped like the top of a heart. It’s a romantic and flattering shape that accentuates the decolletage and shows off collar bone. You might have spotted it on a lot of wedding dresses. If you compare, wedding gowns with sweetheart necklines look particularly majestic and incredibly elegant. That’s because of the neckline’s features-enhancing power. 

Tops with sweetheart necklines are also getting popular. This sweetheart top I have styled today is a beautiful dupe of Khaite’s The Maddy Top. To my delight, it looks exactly like the original with its ribbed-knit fabric, slim fit, pull-on style, and that romantic sweetheart neckline. But why didn’t I just get the original? Well, because dishing out $1080 on a top didn’t make a lot of sense to me. As I’m sure most of you would agree. If there’s anything I’d be happy to spend $1000s on, it’s handbags because they truly give you unmatched quality and can even be passed down as heirlooms. 

Even as a dupe, this sweetheart top is exceptionally comfortable. The long sleeves complement the neckline and add effortless elegance to the top. The cuffs go a little beyond the wrists which I find cute. To allow the sweetheart neckline works its magic, I had my hair in a sophisticated updo. With all the hair out of the way, the neckline really did highlight my collarbone. 

I paired the top with black pants and slipped into a pair of black boots to create that black on black look. Everything turned out to be cute and romantic with a little dash of edgy (thanks to the boots). There was just one thing left. The integral part of every outfit. The one accessory that every look is incomplete without. You guessed it. The Chanel black denim bag felt like the perfect bag to go with this outfit. It’s a classic single flap bag made out of quilted denim and features a silver chain link and leather straps. 

Do you like sweetheart tops? Mention your favorite ones in the comments below and I might churn out some more styling inspirations. 

Sweetheart Top with Bell Sleeves black
khatie dupe Sweetheart Top with Bell Sleeves

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