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Colors significantly impact your mood and how you feel. Have you ever noticed how a clear blue sky makes you feel hopeful and happy as compared to a dull and dreary grey sky that makes you feel sad and sorrowful for no reason? Life is definitely more fun with colors. Sometimes a colorful outfit may seem difficult to style but I tend to focus on one piece at a time to not overpower the look. 

I started to realize that even more during the lockdown. When you are confined in your home with nowhere to go, it’s easy to bind yourself to basics. The basics are comfortable, sure. But after some time they start to feel uninspiring and monotonous. You also feel a shift in your mood. The trick that I found uplifted my spirits during these tough times was that when I wore a colorful outfit it made me happy. It might not seem so convincing in theory but inject some colors into your wardrobe and you will feel the difference. Naturally you will gravitate toward the more fun and bright items when you are happier.

With that very thought in mind, I got this beautiful bright blue sweater for the fall season. Striking, stunning, and surprisingly easy to style, the classic blue color is among my favorites. This bright blue sweater has brought me joy on days that I felt down. It is super soft and cozy with a relaxed fit. Wearing it feels like getting warm hugs and I love it. What I wanted to pair it with was a no-brainer. It goes perfectly with blue denim jeans and looks effortlessly stylish. Since I was exploring the area on this particular day, I chose my wonderfully comfortable YSL espadrilles. They are so comfy that I could walk the entire day and my feet would still be happy. Their black and earthy tones make it super easy to style them with most outfits. I would recommend sizing down at least half a size because the leather does stretch out over time. 

Speaking about colors, on the same day, I happened upon this cheerful railway track painted in rainbow colors. This little chunk of color is aptly called Rainbow Railroad and made me so happy. This only goes to show that when you have a positive mindset and bright hopes, the universe repays with beautiful things. 

Let’s vow to never let ourselves deprive our lives of colors. Brighten your wardrobe, brighten your day. Love colorful outfits? See some red looks HERE. Would you like to see more colorful outfits styled? Tell me in the comments below.  This location is called the Rainbow Rails in Olympia, Washington. 

rainbow railroad colorful outfit blue sweater
rainbow railroad colorful outfit blue sweater

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